Margaret Stoddart GC tournament

Margaret Stoddart retirement village sponsors a golf croquet weekend tournament and an association croquet weekend tournament. The GC tournament was held Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 September 2020. The AC tournament will be held Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 September 2020.

GC Open

There were twelve entries for the Margaret Stoddart Open event on Saturday the 12th September 2020 which was played in bright sunshine after a frosty start.

With two blocks of six playing a round robin followed by a super section playoff to determine final placing. This gave each player six games during the days play.  David Hesse was the only player to win all five games in block play and carried on to win the event with Ian Campbell runner up.

Full results of the open are on CroquetScores

GC Handicap

With sixteen entries in the Margaret Stoddart Handicap event on Sunday the 13th September 2020 play began with four blocks of four playing a round robin followed by a full knockout. This gave each player six games on a cool, cloudy day. 

Louie Inglewood was the only player to win all three games in block play but Lyn McKinnon came through to win the event with Melanie Stevenson runner-up.  Congratulations to Lyn and Louie for reducing their handicaps by a step.

Manager Tony O’Donnell with Open winner David Hesse

From left: Handicap winner Lyn McKinnon, Manager Tony O’Donnell and Runner‑up Melanie Stevenson

Thanks to Margaret Stoddart Retirement Village for sponsoring this tournament.-

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