Members’ information

Below is a range of information of use to members

Information for members
Club Rules (Constitution)
Other Information
Standard Operating Procedures

Information for members

UCC member information.pdf  This booklet has a wide range of information that members should find useful. It is formatted as an 8-page A5 booklet. Printed copies are available at the club house. If members want other information added, contact the secretary.
AC Laws – 7th Edition
GC-Rules-6th-Edition  – these are the 2022 updated GC rules
CNZ Yearbook 2022-2023  This is the CNZ current year book, which lists tournament information, club contacts. players, etc.
CNZ Code of Conduct
Advantage Golf Croquet – how to play
Advantage Golf Croquet – table of starting scores  This chart shows how to calculate the starting score for a first to 7 points game.
GC rules including appendices  This is a link to the Croquet Association page where the GC rules include appendix 4 – a wrong ball checklist with the error and the appropriate action, appendix 1 – rulings for adjudicating uncertain situations and appendix 3 – a chart of the extra strokes in handicap play.



UCC Lawn usage.xlsx

A Microsoft Excel file listing each day of the season. If there are two or more events on a day, each event is listed on a separate row. This copy will be updated from time to time. A printed copy is on the club notice board.
See also our online calendar.


Club Rules (Constitution)

UCC Rules.pdf (A4)
UCC Rules booklet.pdf (A5)


Other Information

Lawn dimensions
This gives all lawn dimension in imperial and metric units. It is intended for setting out a lawn. A laminated copy is in the club house.
It includes full-size, 6/7-, 5/7-, 4/7- and half-size lawns.


Standard  Operating Procedures

UCC SOP – Corporate events.pdf
UCC SOP – Corporate events team leader information.pdf
UCC SOP – Corporate events helper information.pdf.pdf
UCC SOP – Secretary.pdf
UCC SOP – Website-Internet-Email-Phone
UCC SOP – Email communication.pdf
UCC SOP – Privacy Policy.pdf
UCC SOP – Lawn mowing.pdf
UCC SOP – Line marking.pdf
UCC SOP – Adjusting Quadway hoops.pdf
UCC SOP – Morrison Rotary mower.pdf
UCC SOP – Storage and use of Lawn Treatment Chemicals.pdf



Mobile Phone Basic operation
Mobile Phone – Huawei Y360 User Guide
Morrison line trimmer Owners Manual
John Deere mower manual
Bosch dishwasher user manual
Lazer Boiling Water Heater Owners Manual 316935D-02