Photos-United Pavilion

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From 1904 to 1979 The United Tennis, Bowls and Croquet club occupied a two-story pavilion located near the Trust car park.

The pavilion was destroyed by fire on Sunday 1st July 1979. After this tennis, bowls and croquet formed separate organisations. Tennis built their own replacement pavilion and bowls and croquet built a shared building with separate rooms that were opened on Friday 16 September 1983.

Photos of the pavilion used to be displayed in the croquet room, but over the years some of the photos have seriously faded. The photos below are taken from this display.

On the back of the display is written:
In centre photo (of the original pavilion) taken 1974
M. Ferguson E. Cocks
J. Stanton E. Horwood
M. Willets M. Baldwin
Miss Ethel Innes I.Baldwin
Photos taken by Iris Horwood.