Covid-19 Club Rules

1. Anyone attending the club during Codid-19 Alert level 2 or above must file a Contact Tracing Report.

2. Members should stay away if:

  • They have been feeling unwell in the past two (2) weeks.
  • Have been overseas in the past two (2) weeks or been in contact with someone who has been overseas. If this is the case, members should be in self-isolation as per the Government’s guidelines.

3. If a member becomes unwell while at the club, they should immediately remove themselves from the situation, go into self-isolation and seek medical advice.

4. All available lawns must be used before and games are double-banked.

5. All members should keep a minimum of 2 metres separation whilst at the club – even from members of your own “bubble”. The reason is so that passers-by do not get a bad impression that some people aren’t social distancing at our club. There will be many people who still can’t participate in their own contact sports who will be looking enviously at us enjoying croquet, so let’s not give them any reason, correct or otherwise, to form an adverse opinion.

6. Whilst at level 2, please can we all avoid using the kitchen – if you can bring your own drinks in your own containers, we can minimise any risks associated with sharing surfaces. We will be providing additional cleaning materials so that everyone can clean bathroom surfaces after use and bin the cleaning materials. Hopefully as we move to level 1, we can start to move closer to normal.