Corporate and social groups

Please note:

1. Our operating season is now between the beginning of November and end of February.
We are not taking bookings from 1 March until 31 October 2022.

2. Our charges have now increased to $20 per person
and also our operating season has been reduced to between the beginning of November and end of February.

3. The minimum charge will be the greater of the number playing and 90% of the number agreed 7 days prior to the event.

An afternoon or evening of croquet is a great way to unwind or to celebrate in the beautiful setting of Hagley Park.

We provide all equipment: lawns, mallets, hoops, balls etc. We give some very brief instruction on how to swing the mallet and hit the ball and you will be off playing. We also provide club members who will guide you around the lawn. So within 5 minutes of arriving you can be playing. Just bring yourselves (no high heels).

You can check our on-line calendar to find a suitable date and time. If you are not sure if your event can follow after another event on the calendar, please check.

Games are normally played as doubles but it is easy to accommodate odd numbers. We will play short games (best-of-7 or first to 4 points) which typically last 20–30 minutes. This means that you can play several different teams.

Some like to just play casually and not worry about the score or a formal draw. Others are fiercely competitive and arrange a formal draw to find a winning team. It is up to you. The first round is allocated at random. In subsequent rounds winners play winners and losers play losers. Eventually you will have one unbeaten team. We have enough lawns to accommodate any format.

Most groups bring their own food and drinks or arrange for casual or up-market catering.

We have a modest club house with a basic kitchen with a microwave and fridge that you can use. We have a patio area under canvas with tables and chairs. Food is usually laid out on tables in the club house with sliding doors to the patio. It is easiest if you bring or arrange your own catering. We can supply some glasses, crockery and cutlery. We have a basic BBQ that you can use.

Note that the croquet club occupies only part of the building. The rest of the building is used by the North Hagley Community, Sports & Recreation Charitable Trust.

We have increased our charge to $20 per head (we are not GST registered). Minimum charge is for 10 people. Payment can be made by cash or cheque on the day or by direct credit to our bank account. We can provide an invoice after the event. If the number attending is different to the number specified, then the charge will be for the larger of the number attending and 90% of the specified number.

You are welcome to drop in to have a look.
Our club days are Saturdays and Wednesdays, so feel free to drop in any time to have a look and discuss your event.

We have limited parking. There is a public car park off Riccarton Avenue with a 3-hour time limit on week days. You can drive up to the club house to unload.

When you book, let us know your programme so that we can schedule including:

  • when you will arrive to set up so we can open up for you
  • when you expect to be playing so we can have club members to help you play
  • (approximately) how many will be playing so we can have sufficient members to help you play
  • if you will be bringing snacks/drinks
  • if you need to use our BBQ.

There are limited options in case of wet weather. Smaller groups can use the club rooms and the patio under canvas.

Make your booking here.